HP Cotton Casuals Pvt Ltd

Why HP Cotton?

Timely Delivery.
Superior Quality. Competitive pricing. Sustainability

HP Cotton's elaborate support infrastructure comprises world-class Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) to ensure zero discharge of toxic chemicals into the environment. We ensure safe working conditions for our people by integrating ergonomics in our design, educating and creating awareness on work safety and adhering to ethical practices.
HP Cotton exports superior-quality garments to several countries worldwide and has a diversified customer base in India and overseas. Our domestic customers include top-of-the-line retailers, garment manufacturers and exporters. We are also a nominated/preferred vendor for multiple brands and retailers in the overseas market, where our eclectic product ranges and quality command loyalty and respect.

Distinct Benefits


Industry focus

We have deep-insights into the competitive dynamics of the textile industry.


Relevant Experience

HP Cotton has over 3000 employees comprising proficient engineers, supervisors and skilled workers. The management team consists of professionals from top-ranking institutes across India with rich industry experience of over seven years working for top-notch organisations. Our varied experience enables us to deliver eclectic solutions to cater to our diversified niche markets worldwide.


Thought Leadership

We have transformed the textile sector with unconventional approaches in areas of industrial engineering and planning for nurturing manufacturing resources.


Global Presence and Awareness

We understand and believe that sharing knowledge, competencies and strategies is vital to succeed and withstand in a hyper-competitive and transforming landscape. Hence we have assisted in setting up two textile units across Eastern India and have also supported several production units to enhance their performance and productivity by sharing our learnings and deep-insights in textile production.


Strong Consumer Focus

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by delivering research-driven and customer-centric solutions.


Tangible Results

Our consistency in delivering superior-quality fabrics and garments have helped us retain a loyal customer base in the domestic and international segments.

Operations Expertise