Company Policies


Our mission is to create a sustainable supply chain of apparel
products without overlooking the interests of our stakeholders,
employees, suppliers and customers.


We envision ourselves in the Global scenario as a leading apparel
manufacturing brand with a sustainable approach.

Corporate Social Responsibilites

HP Cotton envisages continuously working towards the goal of Sustainability when it comes to development. We have employed a sustainable development plan which focuses on eradicating poverty and unemployment in the state.

Enhancing employment through skill developement

HP Cotton Casuals works toward skill development, focusing on enhancing abilities and efficient generation of employment. By developing skills, we equip an individual with the means to empower himself/herself socially and financially by playing a vital role in the overall economic productivity.

Promoting empowerment for women as a strategy for poverty reduction

HP Cotton Casuals take an initiative to focus on reaching Gender Parity by Women Empowerment through skill development Training. The program emphasizes not only on hard skills, but also enhancing soft skills like growth mindset, resilience, stress management & persistence to make them self-aware. More than 650 women have been trained and around 95 percent of them have acquired jobs for the first time ever.